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Below are comments made by some of our clients.  We thought you would like to read them!


  "You are a good bug picker..and it tickles"
5yr old female
, Louisville, KY

loved that it felt sooooo good and the braid was so pretty thank you mrs. mary and tina you did a great job i dont have to worry about someone seeing a bug in my hair and make fun of me thanks to you i want lice again just to get that braid!!: )"
12yr old female
, Nashville,TN

I hope I get lice more because the treatment feels good!"
10yr old male
, Knoxville,TN

I want to come back again so I can have my hair braided!"
7yr old female
, Knoxville,TN

My experience at All Clear was great! I loved that no one else was being treated while I was in there, it made me feel much more comfortable.The service took a while, but was very thorough and definitely worth it. Even though I had a lot of lice, I'm now All Clear. My experience was wonderful and if anyone ever has lice and needs them to be gone, I will definitely be recommending All Clear. Thank you to Mary and Tina who spent their whole afternoon clearing my head, you guys don't know how much I appreciate it!"
ather, Murfreesboro,TN


  "I noticed my 10 yr old daughter with thick hair had a infestation of nits and freaked out.  Thought we got rid of them but realized we had not and that my other daughter n son now have them as well.  This is my biggest fear. Found these lovely ladies and they did AMAZINGLY GREAT work. If we ever have this problem again we will def go back.  We bought all their products as well to help prevent from gettin again.  THANKS AGAIN!" 
, Greenville, KY 

  " When my 5 yr. old came home with head lice I freaked out! This is my worst nightmare! Thanksgiving is a few days away and we had guests coming. Found these ladies online and thought it was a great idea and even better that they were in my area. How wonderful they were towards our family , they made my kids feel great and it was a painless process. I know where I am going if this problem ever occurs again. Thank you so much Mary and Tina , you truly have a wonderful business that makes life much easier!!!"
Amy, Floyds Knobs, IN

  " Tina and Mary were both extra caring and sympathetic to my needs, going out of their way to help me. It turned out that I do not have head lice, and I was very relieved to discover this. Tina was so patient with me, and took time for an inspection that was thorough and complete. Thanks to Lice All Clear!!! I would highly recommend their services!!!!"
Eva, Newport, TN

  "After several weeks of thinking my head was itching from thyroid issues, I found out it was lice. I immediately panicked and sent my husband to Walgreens for the classic lice removal kit. I had my first baby last year and try very hard to keep a chemical free house, but I was so freaked out by the bugs that I dumped two bottles of pesticide filled shampoo in my hair and handed my husband the tiny plastic comb. My hair is dark, curly, long and thick. After 4 hours of combing, he had only made it about 1/8th of the way through my hair, and we were still seeing nits in the spots he had already been over. I called my cousin to come over the next day to cut my hair short so that we could have a chance of combing through all of it. Before I went to bed, I got online and started researching how to clean everything after having lice, and I found the All Clear website. A lice salon? I was skeptical, but made an appointment for the very next morning. Tina was awesome! After verifying that my husband and baby were lice-free, she put a movie on for me, rubbed some great smelling, non-toxic foam in my hair and went to work. After two hours of filling tubs of water with the nits from my hair, she combed through it one last time, and showed me the clean tub of water. No more bugs!! She was so kind and patient to answer all my questions, and she gave me all the information I needed about caring for my head and home after lice. I’m going back in a few days for my follow-up appointment, but I would have no hesitation recommending this salon to anyone. Tina saved my long hair and gave me some great education in the process. Awesome lady, awesome business!"
27 yr old female, Murfreesboro,TN

After battling lice off and on since July a visit at the All Clear location in Castalian Springs my daughter's hair is finally nit free. I wish I had just went to this place first before investing so much in chemicals that ultimately did not work. Save yourself time and money by going to All Clear first."
Brandy, Bowling Green, KY

Your gentle and caring manner was as healing as the treatment. I will be telling our pediatrician about Lice All Clear. Thanks so much!!"
Stephanie, Knoxville, TN

Dealing with this problem is not easy....& especially if you have many school age children in the house. These ladies are absolutely the BEST- they are quick, friendly & completely professional. We have used their service on several different occasions & each time they have taken care of the problem with a single visit ....they are GREAT & we cannot say enough good things about their business!!"
Doe, Franklin,TN

Well, it seems to good to be true if you know how difficult it is to pick nits out of your childs hair. However, you can be rid of lice in one day by going to All Clear. Mary and Tina are lovely women and are experts at their profession. Thank you ladies and God bless you both!"
Jill, Franklin,TN

Parents - this is money well spent! After an over-the-counter treatment and attempting to remove the many nits and a few mature lice from my daughters head we received the OK to return to school because the the school nurse only found 1 nit. Well we scheduled for a home visit the for the next day with All Clear and 53 more were found (that was within 2 hours after the school check). You can try on your own but these ladies were way more thorough and helped us eliminate a big problem. THANK you ladies :)"
Donna, Brentwood,TN

I dont think I could have done as thorough a job as Mary and Tina. They take the guess work out of the process and the rechecks are priceless. I could return my children to school knowing they were not going to give their classmates any new "friends"!
Mom of two, Nashville,TN

After my daughter's exposure to a friend with lice, I was in a state of panic. Tina and Mary responded to my request for an appointment immediately and were very accommodating in terms of scheduling. The salon is such a peaceful environment. Worth every mile of the drive. Thank you, Tina and Mary!"
Kim, Franklin,TN

The first time we spotted the lice in our 9 year old daughter's hair was back in mid-April. We went to Walmart and bought the over the counter products, new brushes, combs, hair ties etc. I washed the sheets, sprayed couches, car interiors and bike helmets, vacuumed and took all adored stuffed animals into the garage and sealed them in a plastic bag. I began reading the package directions and did a little research online to find the best way to remove the nits. The next day I called off work and kept her home from school and we spent most of the day nit picking ... on and off for about 8 hours! She has lots of hair and it was taking so long. I assumed that anything I missed would be taken care of with the follow up shampoo 7-10 days later. I felt I was in control. About a month later I saw my daughter scratching her head again and yes those little critters were back. This time it was on a weekend and neither my husband or I had to take a day off. I researched some home remedies and tried Mayo, vinegar, tea tree oil and olive oil. I also bought some preventative sprays over the counter to use after the treatment. About a month later...they were back. This time she was so upset and I was so upset that we could not work with each other and I felt so bad about it. We ended up getting through it with lots of bribery ie a trip to the ice cream parlor, a new lego set. Turns out we got through another unsuccessful mission! When I saw a live louse in her hair two nights ago I was so at the end of my rope. In my desparation, I remembered finding AllClear online and sent them a message. From that moment on our whole situation went from a dark cloud to SUNSHINE. My husband drove the three hour trip with our daughter to All Clear, LLC yesterday July 7. He called me and said "these two women are professionals..they started working right away..they are so nice and helpful...they are treating our daughter so good". When she came home she looked so content, she had two beautiful braids in her hair. She said she got to watch spongebob! I only wish we would have done this sooner. Thank you Mary & Tina."
Dena, Louisville, KY

Mary and Tina are my hero's. I am an adult and mother of two now and in all my 32 yrs I have never had or seen head lice. So when I realized my 4 yr old had it the other day it was my worst nightmare. Mary and Tina took care of us today and answered all my questions. My daughter and I just love them. I am grateful to them both for helping us. Well worth every penny spent. ."
Mom, Knoxville,TN

One of a parents worst nightmare is to hear your child has been sent home for lice. This happened to me about a year ago and have cringed ever since when I see my daughter scratch her head. My child physician referred me to All Clear for help. I called them that day and got an appointment for the next. The ladies are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and the environment is very comfortable. These ladies completly rid my daughter of all her hundreds of nits that would have taken me HOURS, and endless tears, in 1.5 hour, small amount of time for peace of mind. These ladies and this facility is your answer to a nightmare. Dont waste your time and especially your money on over the counter products. Make an appointment and get your peace of mind back."
Linda, Nashville,TN

When we heard our kids had been exposed to lice, I freaked out (to put it mildly). I emailed Mary and Tina at 10pm and they were at our house by 8am the next morning. They were very nice and understanding. They checked all of us out and thankfully none of us had lice. I can't tell you how good it felt to have a professional tell us it was all okay. I will call them immediately if we have another scare. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! you are the best: )"
Alison, Nashville,TN

If you've just discovered you have a lice infestation in the family go directly to Mary and Tina at All Clear. There is a lot of wrongheaded ideas about lice out there and on the internet. Many doctors and pharmacists don't know that much about them either. They generally proscribe over the counter pesticide shampoos that irritate the scalp and don't do much to the lice or nits. You may, as I did, spend hours massaging and combing this toxic stuff through your child's hair and into their scalp to no effect. Do yourself, and your child, a huge favor and call Mary and Tina. At first the cost may seem high, but it is cheaper in the end. You can't find nicer people and they really know what they are doing. Their salon is pleasant and they will carefully rid each and every head of lice. They use natural products and will also teach you about the life cycle of lice and how to defeat them. (They even put them under a microscope so you can get a good look at them.) What is more they help you and your family understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Lice have to be physically removed and it isn't as easy at it seems to go through a full head of hair doing it. Mary and Tina are true experts. Let them help you. You won't regret it." Edward, Nashville,TN

"My only regret is not coming sooner! Discreet location, and no one else in there while my daughter and myself were being treated. My daughter was very comfortable, and Mary and Tina put my mind at ease. I felt 100% better when I left. Very greatful for these women."
Sarah, Bowling Green, KY

  "We drove there in a state of anxiety about our problem. My mind was set at ease and calmed with their professional and friendly service. We learned how to prevent and keep this from being a major problem again.
We're ALL CLEAR! Thanks!!"

Missy, Athens, TN

  "Thank you so much, you were very professional annd great with the kids.  It was worth the trip for peace of mind."
Debbie, Brentwood, TN

 "We are very pleased of the service! From the minute we walked in until we came out, we felt very welcomed and comfortable. The whole process was very smooth and the price was nice too!
ALL CLEAR is the place and service that you do not want to miss!"

Mary, Franklin, TN

After one of the most stressful, gross experiences thus far with children, the relief these ladies brought me was tremendous! I even got lice and when my husband tried to comb out the nits, it wasn't happening (he's not exactly a great hairdresser) and I got very discouraged. Praise God for this service and these ladies who truly care about the kids and me and getting everything out. The information they have on lice is reallly helpful and helped me to see that it's not the end of the world :)You can get rid of it, you just have to get EVERY egg, and that's what they're good at. I also love their products that smell good while also repelling the bugs....thanks, ladies!!!"
Kim, Knoxville, TN

 "The All Clear ladies are truly angels! I cannot thank them enough for their service and professionalism. I would highly recommend them to anyone battling the unfortunate issue known as LICE."
Jenna, Franklin, TN

 "After 3 months of constant battles i had finally given up. I looked for so many home rememdies and options and then i came accross all clear. I spoke with Mary and Tina and i automatically scheduled an appointment. Now my nightmare is over and i can relax i really wish i would have found them sooner i am so great greatful and i recommend there services to everyone that is having a hard time with lice. Thank you Mary and Tina = )."
Traci, Shelbyville, TN

 "I have nothing but positive reviews with regards to All Clear, Mary and Tina. They have a special way of calming the parents and children's fears while taking care of the "pesky" lice problem. Their mobile unit showed up at my house within an hour of calling them after hours and worked diligently until very late in the evening. One service, and we were lice free. I highly recommend these ladies and their service."
Brentwood Mom, Brentwood, TN

 "After 3 trying months of harsh chemicals, washing bedding, spraying the house, and hours of going through our daughter's hair, we needed help! No one, including the pediatrician could give us any more advice. We were following all the precautionary steps and still couldn't seem to get rid of the lice. After researching on the internet, we were able to find All Clear. My husband and I debated on whether to spend the time (4hrs to get there) and the money for services we weren't sure would even work. But like I said, we were desperate! I made the trip, with 3 kids (I wanted everyone to get checked) and it was the best decision! I only wish we would have known about All Clear sooner! The environment is very kid friendly and Mary & Tina are amazing! Thanks to them, my daughter is All Clear and the time & money is well worth the peace of mind awarded to our family! I highly recommend All Clear!"
Michelle, Memphis, TN

 "My experience with All Clear was amazing! Mary & Tina not only treated my daughter, but at the same time educated us both. They were both very professional and went out of their way to help our situation. Their customer service is exceptional. I have already and will continue to recommend their services to every one I know! I don't know what I would have done without you two!!! Thank you soooo much!!!
Linda, Mount Juliet, TN

I loved going there to get my hair treated. Wish I had went sooner rather than wasting so much money on over the counter treatment."
Brandy, Cadiz, KY

  "You were wonderful!!! Very professional and extremely kind. We will recommend you to any and all having a lice problem!!! Thank you so very much!!!"
Michelle, Brentwood, TN

 " It was a great experience. Mary and Tina know what they are doing I trust them completely and had fun there."
Betty Jo, Huntsville, AL

  "This is the best service!!! I had battled these pesky things for months and it was such a relief to bring my child in and have it taken care of. The salon is so nice, the education they give you is awesome and the care they take to make the kids comfortable is incredible!!! I would definitely recommend Mary & Tina to anyone who has experienced a lice infestation. Hopefully I never have to go back but if this happens to us again they will be the first ones I call!! Thank you both so much!!!"
Rachel, Jasper, TN

  "This service and the two wonderful ladies that run it are astounding. When I came today with a huge mess in my child's hair, they set right to work, ridding her of hundreds of those nasty little elusive eggs! There is literally no way I could have gotten her hair "All Clear"! They were very quick and efficient in their work, and extremely friendly. Their hair care salon is stylish, clean, and kid friendly! They also do mobile calls for not much more than visiting the salon in person. Thank you, Mary and Tina for saving me hours, possibly days, of hard labor!!! This service is well worth the money!"
Sarah, Smyrna, TN

  " Well, after a 2 1/2 hr drive in the pouring rain, my daughter & I arrived at All Clear. I was in a state of desperation to go so far for help but we just do not have any All Clear closer & I felt they would be the folks that would know what to do to resolve the problem I have dealt with for about 2-3 mos. I was so SURE I had head lice...I had tried to do various things, trying to stay with natural products... really had been miserable. Mary & Tina are kind, kind ladies who, after thorough exam of my scalp/hair, determined I did NOT have head lice, but most probably an allergic type reaction which I am sure I just caused further aggravation by trying to self-treat when I didn't know what was causing the misery. What a GREAT experience with Mary & Tina. You will need to see Mary & Tina at All Clear ... they certainly gave me good advice about how to get some relief for my scalp & the confirmation that I did not have head lice gave me the first good night of sleep I have had in awhile. Thanks Mary & Tina ... I am definitely following your recommendations & while there has not been time to have resolution of the problem, it does already feel better. Believe me, I am grateful. Again I could not have asked for nicer, kinder folks to help me with the problem. THANKS again.
Earlene, Powell, TN

  "We are still All Clear and my daughter was able to return to school the following day..thank you so much; you are patient and caring person to do what you do..and you were so nice to my child..I have told all of my close friends about All Clear, LLC so hopefully they will pass it on!"
Mom from Winchester, TN

First and Foremost - thank you All Clear! Like some of you reading this, I received a phone call from school advising that my children (2 boys and 1 girl) all had lice. They had been exposed during an outbreak at school and now they had it. Not only did they have it but so did I. After trips to the childrens doctors (3 different offices) we had prescriptions in hand for toxic pesticides that had to stay on my kids hair for 8-12 hours. I chose to find a short acting product over the counter that was toxic free per the container. Armed with my toxic free licefree gel and 6 cans of home spray I started the removal. 4 days later, over $300 in expense, a lot of headache and stress with removing lice from the house I found All Clear. As a mom, I really had no one to spend hours going through my hair, my husband tried bless his heart, but was overcome with the burden and how small these things were. After trying many different remedies, I threw in the towel and called the ladies at All Clear! Boy had I wish I had known about them 4 days ago. My daughter was still having problems so we made an appt and was seen 2 hours later. The experience was great - the most pleasant thing about this pesky problem. My hair and my daughters hair was done within an hour and a half both are now lice free! The products don't stink, they don't make your hair nasty with build up, and they don't make it hard to pull the comb through - meaning no hair pulling and tears/screams from the kids! They even sent us home with preventative all natural spray and a comb and my little girl got a bow! Their salon has a tv so kids can watch a movie while being treated. If we ever ever get these pests again we will make our first stop All Clear. Thanks Mary and Tina for what you do! Parents, save your time the money and hassle with all the over the counter stuff and make one stop at All Clear. Your bank account will thank you, it's cheaper in the long run!" 
S.M., Watertown, TN

   "I drove my girls from Arlington to your facility and was in panic mode. But from the moment I walked in, I felt at ease that the problem would be taken care of and it was. Very friendly and professional. And it was so clean. I was thrilled. :)"
--- Mom from Arlington, TN

  " WOW, can not thank you guys enough for helping us out yesterday! Lice happens to the best of us and you helped a worried mom and a nervous 9 year old feel comfortable and at ease. Our experience with your team was wonderful and I will highly recommended you to every mom I know. My daughter went back to school today with confidence knowing that she's "All Clear". Thanks again!"
S.C., Spring Hill, TN

  " Thank you, Mary & Tina, for making what could have been a nightmarish incident into no big deal. You were exceptionally professional, sensitive to my child's emotional state and precise in your work. I will never go anywhere else again. All Clear is THE BEST! Now, if I can just get my school on board with your company conducting a head check of the entire school population then maybe we'll avoid another incident....wish me luck!"
Kathy, Nashville, TN

  "Very frustrating that no one wants to do the right thing! We will stay on top of our daughter's hair!  Thank you for your wonderful service and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us!"
Beth, Clarksville, IN

  "Mary and Tina are outstanding people that provided our family with an invaluable service. At first I thought my husband was nuts for suggesting we pay people to help us rid our two children of lice. Now he is my hero. I was skeptical and made him ask a million questions and they answered without a hint of annoyance as they understand parental concerns. They came to our home and were professional, provided us information, completely cleared the nits and bugs (without chemicals), gave us the materials for follow up care, and provided a note for the school that they had been treated. My kids never complained during the process- in fact they talked their ears off. I hesitated writing anything until I was convinced they did what they said they would do. My kids returned to school the next day and when I checked them the first night- All Clear. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service. They saved us a tremendous amount of time and anxiety. My daughter danced at bed time saying she felt like a new person."
Lisa, Spring Hill, TN

  "These ladies were fabulous at managing my freaking out about Lice. They are very professional, they get the job done and most of all they do not use pesticides that can harm our children. If you ever need a reliable, very cost efficient way to break the lice cycle in your home you must use these ladies! Thank you Mary and Tina!"
Dawn, Knoxville, TN

  "I was a panicked and stressed mess when we discovered those nasty looking bugs in my 5 year old's hair. I knew I needed a natural herbal remedy but needed one to work fast! I was stunned, thrilled and so relieved when I found All Clear while searching online! Mary and Tina were able to see us on a Sunday afternoon which turned into a 2.5 hour stay thanks to my daughter's terrible infestation. I absolutely am going to bed tonight secure in the knowledge that she is resting well without those worthless parasites feeding on her! The spray and shampoos from the All Clear ladies make me even more secure in that we will prevent this from happening again! Mary and Tina rock!! Thank you soooo much for such a wonderful service and great attitudes!!"
Carrie, White House, TN

  "What a relief! We just returned from a head check by Mary & Tina. We could not have been more impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. Our family of four received peace of mind following our visit. Our session was scheduled quickly and during a weekend, which was greatly appreciated. I would happily recommend All Clear to anyone!"
Maggie, Nashville, TN

   "I was in a panic when Mary and Tina came to my home after I found my son had lice. They were great and eased all my concerns. I would recommend any parent to call them if they find their child has lice. They are professional and the service at my home was great for the price."
Melanie, Nashville, TN

   "I had a great experience with All Clear. They were very professional and accommodating to our schedule since we came in from out of town. Most importantly, they eliminated the lice on the first visit. I'm very appreciative of Mary and Tina and grateful that their salon exists!"
Deborah, Knoxville, TN

   "The trip from Louisville, KY was worth it. My children and I were treated with care and I feel confident after trying everything in the book, I realize that physical removal is the only way to go. When I asked my 6 year old about his experience, he said he really enjoyed being there, and he does not hand out complements every day! I feel relieved to know that I am not putting anyone else at risk for this extremely time-consuming and easily spread issue. Thank you very much, Mary and Tina for the peace of mind!"
A.B, Louisville, KY

  " I loved having the peace of mind that my daughter is now lice free. They were so great at taking their time and going through her hair and getting rid of everything!! "
Laura, Athens, AL

" What a beautiful salon!!! Thank you ladies for your service, we are all clear now."
K.A., Nashville, TN

" After several days of trying to get rid of the lice and nits, I came across the All Clear website and called them immediately. It was a great experience. My daughter got to watch a movie while they worked their magic and she could not wait to come back for a check-up! Mary and Tina are our heroes!! Thanks so much for all your help. It was worth the drive!!"
Jennifer, Memphis, TN

"Hi Mary & Tina
Thank you so much for your service. You cleaned and cleared my pregnant daughter, grandchildren, and me. I don't know what we would have done without you.  Thank you again. We were overwhelmed before and joyously serene after! "
D.P., Knoxville, TN

"As a mom who tries desperately to avoid pesticides in my child's food and environment, I was so very relieved to find All Clear after I discovered my very vocal four year old daughter's "pesky problem". Mary and Tina were professional and compassionate from beginning to end, and completely rid my daughter of all bugs and nits without the use of any chemicals. They even helped me to keep my daughter trauma free and the "problem" confidential by describing the process to my very vocal daughter as a "scalp treatment", so that she would not tell everyone she meets that she had this issue. I am so very thankful that Mary and Tina offer this service. Of course, I hope we never need to use them again, but if we do, I know will not hesitate because I know we will be in good hands."
Granola Mom, AL

"We have had such a positive experience with All Clear. From the start they were professional in their website, in returning our call and in setting up an immediate appointment. Our entire family was checked as a precaution, and our daughter's hair was freed of all nits. Not once during the two hours was our daughter uncomfortable or in pain. Tina and Mary are both super pleasant to be around, and their business is geared to be comforting to children and their families in what is a very stressful time. I can't sing their praises enough!!"
Amy, Knoxville, TN

" After several days of shampooing, laundry & endless head checks, I was so very relieved to find your business on the web! Your professional approach and thorough head checks have given our entire family peace of mind that we are All Clear and don't have to worry any more about head lice and the upheaval that comes along with it! You are simply a Godsend! Thanks so much!"
Elizabeth, Spring Hill, TN

" I highly recommend All Clear. These ladies know their business. Thanks
Mary and Tina I now have peace of mind!"

Dianne, Lebanon, TN

hese girls saved our life!! Both of my kids and myself had lice!! They helped us, and calmed me down from the moment I talked to Mary on the phone. The salon is super clean and private!! And we are now ALL CLEAR! Thanks ladies :) "
Amanda, Franklin, TN

"Even before our visit, All Clear made me feel at ease. Tina and Mary were AMAZING! It was nearly impossible for me to find the eggs in my child's blonde hair, but their methods were natural and effective. All Clear is clean, comfortable and peaceful. I highly recommend their services! SANITY SAVERS!!!"
B.K., Brentwood,TN

"As soon as I walked into the front door of All Clear, I knew that my child would receive the best care available. I highly recommend."
D.L., Franklin,TN

"After coming to your salon my daughter asked me when can she go back. Your salon is beautiful and peaceful. Thank you! "
Stressed out mom- Nashville, TN


  "I received my order. The four of us LOVE the 'DUDUOSUM' shampoo! The refreshing feeling on the scalp is incredible! We had never felt anything like it before. And our hair is so soft. Thanks so much for your help and for having this products available online."
Mom, Brentwood,TN

" I just have to say I was pretty impressed by the speedy expediting of the products I ordered. By far faster than any 50 dollar extra charge I would have paid for next day air and still received it two days later. Thank you and I am fully satisfied."
Terrance, Layton, UT 

" Thank you for your service last evening.  I LOVE the shampoo and conditioner! I will definitely recommend your company in the future."
R., Nashville, TN

"Thank you 'SO' much All Clear for your Lavender Spray, I take it everywhere now when I travel. It smell great to me, but bad to and for pesky bugs, also keep up the great work with everything else you all do."
K.B., Dickson, TN

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Mary & Tina

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