About Us


All Clear is a head lice removal company that was founded by two best friends who discovered a desperate need within the community to help families and schools to treat head lice effectively without the use of pesticides and chemicals in head lice removal shampoos and prescriptions.

We are committed in making your family "All Clear" and the process as simple as possible.

The non toxic all natural mousse  will aid you in the manual removal of head lice and nits. After treatment we advise everyone to use our lavender products to help keep lice away.

  Together we can making this pesky problem disappear.




"...When I asked my 6 year old about his experience, he said he really enjoyed being there, and he does not hand out complements every day! I feel relieved to know that I am not putting anyone else at risk for this extremely time-consuming and easily spread issue. Thank you very much, Mary and Tina for the peace of mind!"
A.B, Louisville, KY


Affordable salon treatment services in Indiana, Kentucky and Kentuckiana. All natural preventive & nit removal treatment products Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana and Kentucky. Helping families in and around Nashville, Green Hills, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Clarksville, Thompson Station, Henderson, Louisville, Franklin, Lenoir City, Brentwood, Oak Ridge, Bellevue, Marietta, Spring Hill, Memphis, Knoxville, Bowling Green, Louisville Ky, Huntsville, Birmingham, Sevierville, New Albany, Floyd Knobs and Gadsden areas.